If you are thinking to develop or rebuild website, Here are certain things to keep in mind. This will definitely help you build better website.


There is always a purpose behind every single thing in world. So you also should be clear about why you want to get developed your website. What’s your purpose? Is it for just information purpose only, want to sell something, blogging about daily life, photography? So, your further plans will be done accordingly. Go through your competitors’ website and gather info, learn from their site and make list of what you can have additional on your site.

Domain & Hosting

Unique name to your site is always something that customer definitely likes and remember easily. You also need to keep in mind that it should reflect your purpose, something similar to your company/organization or firm. Don’t choose long and complex names for website. Business attracts more and more customers which are easily accessible online. You should also need to think about .com, .biz, .org accordingly. There are few others as well depends on your needs.

Hosting also becomes important part after choosing perfect domain name. Here are list of different types of web hosting services you can choose from. It solely depends on your requirements like if you have lots of pictures, videos to put on website or you just have certain pages with information. It also matters on how much traffic you expect from your website. Read reviews about that hosting provider, customer support, backup, security, technical features and other things.


Once you are clear with your ideas, domain and hosting here comes the essential part of the website: technical platform. There are many platforms available in IT field to go with. Based on PHP, .net, Java many new platforms are being created these days. Find such a platform that allows you to change content easy and effective way.

As per wikipedia, WordPress was used by more than 29.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2018. WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the web supporting more than 60 million websites. Do you want to know more about platforms, reach out us.

Responsive Design and Browser compatibility


Design is the most critical part of the website. You have to remember that design should be clean, creative and user friendly. Pages of the website should be accessible easily through navigation. Each and every elements of the website should be designed in a way that user can easily read it and know about your brand. Design should not contain too many colors. Maximum 3-4 colors on site is a good idea. Don’t go for bright colors as well as they are difficult to read and can distract users from the site.

Another important thing which is currently most required is device compatibility. There was time when websites were only meant for desktops. So, make sure that your website is not only easily accessible from other devices (e.g mobile, tablet etc…) but it also displays really well in that. Also check within different browsers too.

Sitemap and wire-frame

No. of pages in your website is always been talking point. Depending on product/brand you have, pages can be less or more. In general scenario, Home-page (Landing page), About us, Services, Contact us & Blog are common to represent your site. Portfolio, Gallery, Products, Events can be also there based on your requirements and choice.

Once you are done with sitemap, it’s good to have wire frame of all the pages. It gives you and developer a clear idea of what pages will include. Don’t confuse your customers by making it complex. It should be in a way that customers can find everything easily and navigate through site. If you are technical then try https://www.axure.com/

Time and cost estimation

Developing website from experienced developer is always a good idea. Before confirming anyone for development make sure about time and cost about website. Take regular follow up with developer can be very effective in shaping your website and can be completed in given time. Plan a cycle for the website in different parts like Design, development, review etc. Get best quote for the website here.

SEO friendly content

Strong content for the website is necessary. It will not just bring more and more people to your website but it will help them to understand your product/brand easily and to stay longer on site. It also helps you to move up your website in search results on search engines. Also keep in mind that content written for your website should be original, possibility of removing duplicate content by search engine is really high. SEO friendly content is must have requirements these days. To fulfill it WordPress have many such plugins including Yoast SEO. Adding images and videos to your content wherever possible is always is good idea.

Also make sure that whatever content, images and videos you post on website doesn’t come under copyright laws.

Certificates and testimonials

Add product-client certificates to your websites. Also add customer testimonials to the site. Recorded video testimonials will be very good to grow as a brand. This will be helpful in gaining new customer and keep old customers to site.

Testing & loading time

Even if it’s tested by developers, get some time yourself to check website completely and make sure it’s error free. If you are having e-commerce site, check that you are able to purchase product and transaction goes through successfully. Also pass test website url to some of your friends or colleagues to make sure the same.

During this period, solve if any missing links, images, content, spelling mistake etc. Also focus on reducing image size, optimizing site and site loading time. Making site loading time quickly will attract more and more potential customers to your site and you might well be ahead than your competitors. Here is a tool to check loading time of your site.

Security and backup

Securing your website from threats and virus attacks is the most important thing after making it live. It’s really risky if you are running e-commerce site and you don’t have any security for your website. I will advise to add SSL certificate to your website to prevent such attacks. You can test your SSL certificate here. If your website is on WordPress platforms there are many protection plugins to stop various attacks. To prevent spam attacks on your website, add captcha to forms.

Taking backup of website regularly is must do thing. This will help you to restore site if something happens to your site in future.

Social Media

Now a days, social media is a part of social revolution. It’s easy to convey your message or share ideas, products online. Sharing daily news, products, your own blog and any new or relevant content from your website on social media will help you to get bigger audience to site and business. So, put social media buttons on your site and keep social platforms active.

Blog and regular update

If you are fond of writing something effective then don’t hesitate to write daily blogs on your site as well. Writing blogs and sharing it on social media platforms and to the potential customers will be really good to grow your business and to get ahead in market.

Maintain your site regularly. If you think changing content or images on site is required, do that. Search engines loves this. Old and outdated site may reflect site’s ranking and you may lose customer base.


To track traffic on your site and who, where from and when it’s coming handy to have analytics for your website. This will be very useful to further strategy about business, planning advertisements and more to attract new customers. Currently google analytics is the most popular analytics tool available online.


Once your site is completed and on the live server, think about promoting it. Including Google adwords there are many tools available online for the same. Allocate budget to the promotions and use it in effective manner to draw more customers to the website.